Reasons and solutions for the weak sealing of the Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

March 12, 2022

During the operation of the Tube Filling and Sealing Machine, there may be a problem that the sealing is weak. When the factory encounters such a problem in the production process, it can proceed from multiple aspects to eliminate the cause of the failure and solve the problem in time. In view of the problem that the sealing is weak, we propose the following fault reasons and solutions.


1. The suction volume is too large or the blowing volume is too small
2. The heating temperature of the hose filling and sealing machine is too low
3. The air pressure is too low and the flow rate is too small
4. The height of the heating belt and the sealing belt is inconsistent
5. The tube wall is not clean


1. Adjust the size of the air flow meter, and adjust the blowing volume so that the blowing volume is greater than or equal to the suction volume
2. Properly increase the heating temperature
3. Adjust the air pressure to the specified value
4. Adjust the height of heating belt and sealing belt
5. Ensure the cleanliness on the tube wall