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Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine

Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine

The Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine intermittent vertical cartoner automatically open/fold cartons for manual insertion of container, then automatically closes botton flap.

The Semi-Automatic Cartoning Machine can handle wide range of cartoners to accept various containers, bottles,blister packs, pouches, sachets or tube.

Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine


  • Capacity: 20-50 cartons/min
  • Carton Size: L(40-165)mm×W(12-80)mm×H(12-80)mm


  • Small footprint is ideal for space sensitive operations.
  • User friendly design requires only one operature.
  • Simplified engineering design allows for ease of maintenance.
  • Constructed with materials that meet G.M.P.
  • Safety guarding.


  • Hot stamp imprinter for coding expiration date or series number on the box.
  • Hot-melt glue sealing cartoning Machine is available.
  • Modification for automatic infeed system.

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