Operation precautions for tube filling and sealing machine

November 20, 2020

In the process of using the tube filling and sealing machine, it is inevitable that many problems will occur. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following matters during operation:

tube filling and sealing machine
1. Please clean the surrounding environment before using the tube filling and sealing machine. There must be no dangerous goods and other sundries.
2. Do not install or modify parts that are not suitable for the performance of the machine, otherwise an accident may occur.
3. The overalls of the operator should be as light and thin as possible. Special attention: the sleeves of work clothes must be fastened and cannot be opened.
4. After the adjustment of each part is completed, turn on the main key switch and slowly turn the machine to check whether the equipment is working normally and whether there is vibration or abnormal phenomenon.
tube filling and sealing machine
5. The main drive system of the machine is located at the bottom of the machine, closed by a stainless steel door with a lock. When adjusting the load capacity, it must be opened and adjusted by a dedicated person (operator or maintenance technician). Before starting the machine again, make sure that all doors are in good condition.
6. The tube filling and sealing machine is closed by a transparent plexiglass door above the desktop. When the machine starts normally, no one can open it without authorization.
7. In case of emergency, please press the red emergency stop button to eliminate the fault in time. If you need to restart, make sure that the fault has been completely eliminated. Reset the emergency stop button and restart the host.
tube filling and sealing machine
8. The tube filling and sealing machine should be operated by trained and qualified personnel according to regulations. Other people are not allowed to operate the machine at will, otherwise it will cause personal injury and machine damage.
tube filling and sealing machine
9. Before each filling, carry out an idling test for 1-2 minutes to check the rotation of each part of the machine, work smoothly, run smoothly, without abnormal noise, regulating devices are working normally, and all instruments and meters work reliably.