Analysis of some common problems of plastic tube filling and sealing machine

March 11, 2022

plastic tube filling and sealing machine

The PLC control man-machine dialogue interface adopted by the plastic tube filling and sealing machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency, high degree of automation, power saving, low noise, convenient operation and stable work. Just put two or three different colors of paste into their respective storage buckets, and the hoses are placed in the tube bin. After starting the machine, the tube feeding, tube pressing, color mark positioning, color bar can be automatically completed step by step. The whole process of filling, sealing, tail cutting, and tube discharge.

The machine is transmitted from the frequency conversion speed regulation through the sprocket of the speed regulation motor to the main drive shaft, and then from the main drive shaft to the pipe chain through the compound opensen indexing mechanism. . During the sealing process, it relies on the pipe chain for conveying and transmission, completing various actions, and has an overload automatic power-off device. The main drive shaft is equipped with various cams, and the cam linkage mechanism drives the pipe feeding, pipe pressing, two sets of filling, color mark positioning, sealing, tail cutting, pipe outlet and other mechanisms to work correctly, continuously and automatically.

plastic tube filling and sealing machine

Analysis of some common problems of plastic tube filling and sealing machine:

1. Check whether the actual running speed of the filling and sealing machine is the same as the initial debugging speed in the manual;
2. Detect whether the Leicester heater is in the on position;
3. Check whether the compressed air supply pressure of the equipment meets the pressure requirements when the equipment is working normally;
4. Check whether the cooling water flows smoothly and whether the cooling water temperature is within the range required by the equipment;
5. Check whether there is any paste falling during the filling process of the filling and sealing machine, and the paste will not stick to the upper part of the inner wall of the pipe;
6. Do not touch anything on the inner surface of the hose, so as not to contaminate the inner surface of the hose;
7. Check whether the air intake of the Leicester heater is normal;
8. Detect whether the temperature detector inside the heater is in the correct position;
9. Check whether the ventilation device of the heating head is working normally;